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Transmission Tips

According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA), 90% of ALL transmission failures are caused by overheating. We agree!

Most of these can be blamed on worn out fluid that should have been replaced. For optimum protection, change the fluid and filter every 15-30,000 miles. And check your fluid levels between these intervals.

What kind of automatic transmission fluid should you use in your transmission? The type specified in your owner's manual or printed on the transmission dipstick.

• For older Ford automatics and certain imports, Type "F" is usually required.
• Most Fords since the 1980s require "Mercon" fluid.
• For General Motors, Chrysler and other imports, Dexron II is usually specified.

When in DOUBT check your owners manual or give our experts a call.

The condition of your transmission fluid can quickly help you identify if you may have a transmission problem. Color and Smell can be a simple but accurate diagnostic means.

• Good fluid is reddish and translucent, with no burnt odor
• Contaminated fluid has water or other particles in the fluid.
• Burnt fluid may indicate damage from overheating which is very common.

For more accurate information come in for a FREE diagnostic and road test. Many expensive repairs can be avoided with inexpensive and regular maintenance, call or come in for our expert advice.